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Use this form to open a problem ticket. Appropriate problems include not being able to log on, difficulties transferring money, and bug reports. Do not use this form to complain about other users. Instead, please talk to any ranking members online.

Including complete details is crucial. Unless you tell us precisely what you are trying to do (who you are sending money to, what you are trying to change your login name to, etc.) and what you see on the screen (error messages, a description of the screen, and even a copy of the URL could help) we will not be able to help you. We are not psychic. Assume we have no idea what is the matter.

Privacy note: Submitting this form sends us some background information about your computer that we use to help track the cause of your problem. If you are sending this report from a computer other than the one having a problem, please clearly state that in the problem's description.

Notice: You may only submit one trouble ticket every 12 hours. Some people were abusing the system. If you need to add more information to an existing ticket, you can append to that one.

IMPORTANT!! DO NOT ABUSE THIS SYSTEM TO COMPLAIN ABOUT A BAN. This will only make matters worse! Instead, WAIT FOR YOUR EMAIL MESSAGE that explains why you were banned. Read this email message BEFORE using this ticket system to complain. Multiple complaints about a ban will INCREASE the length of the ban! Allow at least 12 hours for this email to arrive. You have been WARNED.

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